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Established under Swedish law as a Foundation, The Álgu Fund is now able to accept contributions from around the world to raise an endowment, which will provide stable, predictable, and reliable funding to Permanent Participants.

We believe that support for The Álgu Fund will come from a variety of different actors and sectors looking
to demonstrate their commitment towards active and robust Indigenous voices in international discussions related to the persistent, rapid, and unprecedented changes taking place in our region, not only in terms of climate, but also governance, economics, and culture. The Álgu Fund is the mechanism by which Arctic Council observers, philanthropy, and other interested Arctic stakeholders may contribute to the resilience of the region, and correspondingly to the Indigenous peoples living therein.

Download our fundraising package to learn more about the benefits of supporting The Álgu Fund.

We would like to thank our current supporters for their assistance with resources to undertake the technical and governance work to establish the Fund: Arctic Funders Collaborative, Institute of the North, World Wildlife Fund, and the Government of Canada.

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